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  1. Mike says:

    I have to be honest I had never heard of Neil until I learnt of his tragic death on YouTube – he was obviously a great talent. The bottom line is this – Here in 2011, were Neil still racing, then ALL of us would have heard of him!

  2. Matt James says:

    Hey, mate, thinking of the good times!


  3. Larry Armstrong says:

    I hope the passing of time has eased your burden.
    The high regard with which Neil was helds still very much alive today. Best wishes to all your family for the future.

  4. big paul says:

    Always on my mind brother. Not a day gos by that I don’t speak of you to someone, telling them I knew one of Ireland’s greatest racing drivers. True friend

  5. Jonathan lewis says:

    Dear All
    I was Neils team manager at Van Diemen and I always take time when at Oulton Park to go that corner and stand and have a little chat with Neil, I no we had a very special young driver in Neil who was going to be a great Champion and to have him taken away so soon was and always will be somthing I will never get used to, he was a fun cheeky Irish chappy who with James Courtney made an awsome team, when they were not in the cars they were both driving me mad, I was so happy until the accident we all were, I miss you Neil and the worst part is I no you were going to be a masive Star. nothing will take away the pain all who new you felt and still feel, I will come and find you when I get up there mate XXXX

  6. decky says:

    I still miss your big grin and those jokes you played on us
    You are a true champion and a great example of how remain a nice guy while being focused on your goal
    God speed mate

  7. Emmet O'Brien says:

    Great tribute site to Neil. Myself and Mick M often talk about him and the good memories! Will never forget i was stuck for a kart before an important race and i called him to ask could i rent one of his old ones as he had moved on to Formula Ford, he said “you can’t rent it but you can borrow it” that was the kind of guy he was!

    He lives on and won’t be forgotten.


  8. D says:

    Miss you each and every day buddy..

  9. Dave says:

    I didn’t know Neil, but if it’s any consolation to his parents and family, his short life was enjoyed to the full, supported by family and friends. Neil “lived” the dream of many young boys.

    A very small precentage of young sports stars, in many sports, unfortunately become victims of accidental or natural incidents that bring their adrenaline filled lives to a premature end.

    We would not have the enjoyment of motorsport without the brave enthusiastic drivers of all ages.


  10. Sean says:

    Hi Neil.Another year goes by and we all wish you could still be here.Miss that grin the most.Love you Uncle Sean

  11. Mary Shanahan says:

    We miss you more every day son, you will never leave us. Please watch over Clare for us, we love you, Mum & Dad XXXXX

  12. Ciara Shanahan says:

    Sending all our love from Canada to you. Not a day goes by where you are not missed. You were an incredible driver and loved by many. RIP Neil!
    Love always and forever
    Sean Shanahan, Marian Shanahan, Amber Shanahan and Ciara Shanahan

  13. Matt James says:

    Mate, still wish I was reporting on you! Except we’d both be on top of the world by now….

  14. John Wolohan says:

    Great memories of Neil sure hes still winning in the heavens.

  15. Bernie says:

    Every day I see Neil’s photograph in its place upon my mantelpiece and I look into Neil’s eyes and find great comfort and love and know that he watches over us all from his drivers seat in Heaven.
    Missed, loved always remembered. X

  16. sean shanahan says:

    Neil you may be gone but not forgotten.We talk about you as if you were still here.We all miss you and love you.Uncle Sean

  17. Sean Shanahan says:

    Well Neil hard to believe 15 years have gone by since you left us.But as the years go by more of the clan are joining you.Im sure Seamus is telling you to slow down lol.Miss you and love you. Uncle Sean

  18. Matthew McMahon says:

    A workmate suggested a night out Go-karting recently and it brought back lots of memories from our time in the Karts belting round Watergrasshill and Kilcornan. Missing those days and the innocence of it all. Hope you are resting in peace Neil.

  19. Jean-Luc says:

    What a lovely tribute site to a promising talent. I didn’t know Neil, his family or friends but I would like to pass on my thoughts and wish you the best for the future.

    The website and its content will certainly ensure Neil’s memory lives on.

    From Melbourne (Australia), Jean-Luc

  20. mick merrigan says:

    You’re never out of my mind. You were a very special person in all our lives .
    We will never forget you. May you rest in peace.

    Love Mick Anne Catherine & Fiona

  21. Matthew says:

    Well Neil, was thinking of you today and the old days of karting on a shoestring. Hope they have decent tracks where you are now :)

  22. mick merrigan says:

    Mary,Liam and Clare we are all thinking of you today.
    Where has the last 17 years gone it just feels like yesterday and after all these years we are all as close to Neil now as we ever were .
    Neil will never be forgotten he lives in my mind every day and the great thing is his achievements are still spoken about.
    We had so many great days together with Neil and his great family in such a short time that these memories are what keeps us all going .

    Neil i am sure your looking down on us all Today .
    Your mentor your friend and your second family.

    Mick,Anne Catherine and Fiona Merrigan.

  23. Jason Curran says:

    Well Neil

    17 years today and still have great memories of our time racing together, be it in Karts or as team mates back in the good old days. Memories that I will cherish buddy.

    Thinking of you mate!

    Jason & Family

  24. Mum & Dad says:

    It’s been an emotional day, as May 31st always is, but thanks to the support of our family and wonderful friends we know that we are not the only ones thinking of Neil today. We know too that our son is with us every day. We love you XX

  25. Alex Sinclair says:

    In 1997 and 1998 Neil won the Sexton Trophy and I will always remember meeting Neil and thinking this guy has something special. To Neil’s family and many friends I can only offer my deepest sympathy.

  26. Eoin Fogarty says:

    Thinking of Neil in this moment and all the good times back in school.

  27. NEIL SHANAHAN lives through the TROPHY awarded to the courageous Drivers who emulate his achievements.

  28. Nick Garton says:

    Well, Neil. Time’s passed but you’re always around for those who had the pleasure of your company. Your colleagues and rivals from FFord are now mostly racing kids half their age… but they’ve got a few trophies between them. I know you’d have added plenty more. As you liked to point out, you’ll be glad to know that my haircuts are still rubbish… so not all that different. Thinking of you and your family. God bless.

  29. Mick Merrigan says:

    Another year on ,you will never leave our hearts or minds may you rest in peace.

    Mick,Anne and Family.

  30. Ciara Shanahan says:

    We all miss you over the pond. Rest in peace Neil. Never forgotten – love all of us Sean- Marian – Amber and Ciara xo

  31. Derek Mangan says:

    I was lucky to have had the pleasure of working with Neil in his fathers bars,
    He was a pure gent, taking long before his time, but looking over this site,
    Is a great tribute, to a young man that put a smile on everyones face that ever knew him.
    It is like he is still their each time you look at the page. it is hard to believe that 18 years have gone.
    Forever young.
    R.i.p Neil

  32. Mick Merrigan says:

    My Dear Neil.
    On this anniversary day it’s hard to think 19 years have passed and your death is still so fresh in my mind .
    I was looking at your web site last night and watching you driving your Race cars and you still make me jump up and Cher you were Pure magic .
    I / we will never forget you ,Your always in my prayers every day .

    Thank you so much for all the great times we all had together.

    May you rest in peace my dear beloved Friend.

    Your mentor.

    Mick Merrigan.

    • Catherine Merrigan says:


      You brought so much happiness and pride to my dad and our family. You were a true champion. Thank you for all the wonderful memories. Watch over Dad and us all from your pole position in heaven. Thinking of your Mam, Dad and Clare today and not forgetting baby Neil.

      Rest in Peace Neil,

      Catherine x

  33. Paul Furey says:

    I’ve just spent the last hour listening to the brilliant programme on Newstalk and it was only heartbreaking. Thinking of Mum and Dad, the type parents that any child could wish for and is what I strive for with my four boys. You did everything mum and dad, you are the best. RIP Neil.

    Paul, another Churtown lad x

    • admin says:

      Thank you Paul for your kind message. It means a lot to hear people like yourself reach out. You sound like a wonderful caring father and your four boys are lucky to have you. Thank you for listening to the documentary. It was an emotional process for my parents but I’m so proud of them, they have done Neil proud. Best wishes from your neighbours. Liam, Mary and Clare x (ps apologies for the delay in replying to your message, the notifications always go to my spam)

  34. Caolan Martin says:

    Hi all,

    I got to listen to the Newstalk Documentary about the Life of Neil and wanted to pay my own small tribute as I was very inspired by his story. My first Motorsport event was actually the very same Pheonix Park Races in ’97. I got brought by my two older brothers and once it was mentioned on the documentary, it brought back those great childhood memories when I was 8 years old; peeking out from behind steel railings at the first corner.

    As I hobby, I race online on a Simulator called Iracing. For the video, I got an artist (DesignbyHaze on Instagram) to create Neil’s Helmet, Racesuit and Car livery. My friend Demi created the video tribute by adding tv footage with the game footage.

    I chose Donington for the shoot location as that’s where Neil took the British FF scene by storm. We couldnt get a FF car as it’s not in the game so we used a Skip Barber 2000 to get as close as possible. Sorry about the rear wing!

    Here’s a link to the Youtube video, I hope you enjoy.

    I will continue to race on with Neil’s design of helmet in Iracing and be proud wearing it. It also means that anytime people ask me who Neil was; I can always guide them to this wonderful website.

    All the best,


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